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Foshan Consin Industrial Belts Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta. It is a specialized industrial belt company integrating science, industry and trade and cooperating with overseas companies. The company is specially engaged in various industrial belts of ¡°CONSIN¡± brand and has accumulated rich experience in production and processing of PU timing belt products. It has launched a series of specialized products aiming at glass machinery, ceramic machinery, textile machinery, automatic equipment and precise drive application fields. Besides, the products have been widely used in synchronous transmission, linear and rotary positioning, power transmission and other fields.? The company owns specialized technical personnel and can provide feasible solutions for the problems you encounter.

What has launched by the company is PU truly endless timing belt products, which are manufactured in high performance polyurethane and continuous spiral steel cores and without joints or splices. They are especially suited for power transmission and conveying with high loads and high speed (up to 10,000 rpm). The endless timing belts can reach up to 2.5~15.6m and the maximum width AT20 type can reach 300mm. The products feature high transmission precision, strong tensile resistance and favourable performance and are in a leading position in the industry.¡£

The company can provide double-sided teeth and cast V guide PU endless timing belts according to the requirements of customers.

The people of Consin are willing to be with you and create an industrialization base of industrial belt in China.

Consin timing belts in phase with the world!

Main business scope of our company£º

1) Various PU truly endless timing belts, PU open-end timing belts and PU endless jointed timing belts;

2) PU endless timing belts for power transmition, double-sided teeth timing belts, V guide timing belts£»

3) PU V-belts, pentagon belts and round belts£»

4) Nylon base belts, PVC flat belts, plane conveyor belts£»

5) Rubber timing belts, ribbed belts, V-belts and variable speed belts£»

6) They are applied for backing elastic materials (rubber, PU, sponge and nylon etc.), average thickness and width of belts, notching, perforating and welding etc£»

7) Timing belt pulleys, including 45# steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, brass, nylon and other materials.

Emphasis in launching:

1) Precise series glass machinery special PU truly endless timing belts

2) Powerful series ceramic machinery special PU truly endless timing belts

3) Embroidering machine special timing belts

4) PU open-end timing belts

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